Class Action

Bergonzi v. Central States Health and Life Co. of Omaha

$20,000,000 Class Action Settlement for improper denial of cancer insurance benefits - U.S. District Court, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 11/18/03. Insurer agreed to pay $20 million to settle claims that it sold cancer insurance to people nationwide but paid only a fraction of the benefits when they got sick. Of the $20 million, $7.5 million is to be paid to about 1,240 people who were denied coverage. Of the rest, $2.5 million will pay attorneys' fees and the remainder will be put into a fund to pay for any future medical expenses incurred by the 1,400 people who filed claims or any of more than 18,000 other people nationwide who bought the policies but have not contracted cancer. Co-Counsel - Rick Friedman, Bremerton, WA. Mike Abourezk, Rapid City, SD and Peter Kahana, Philadelphia, PA. Click here for more information.


ATWV v. Westward Seafoods

$2,300,000 verdict for breach of contract - 11/1995. $2.3 million jury verdict against processor for fisherman claiming breach of contract to accept crab. Co-counsel Rick Friedman, Bremerton, WA.

Schwartz v. F/V The Arctic Orion

Settlement for injury to fisherman - U.S. Dist. Ct., D. Alaska, Feb. 15, 1994. Crew member inadvertently engaged crabbing equipment resulting in skull fracture to crewmate. After the trial court granted partial summary judgment to plaintiff, the parties structured a settlement.

K & T Inc. v. Nippon Suison (USA)

Trial and successful verdict for company seeking payment for large roe sales. Defendant unsuccessfully argued that there were quality problems.

Ocean Prowler LLC v. Coastal Village Region Fund

Successful defense at trial of allegation of breach of contract and fraud between business partners.

Coastal Village Region Fund v. Hanson and Lewis

Successful pursuit of funds obtained by fisherman who fraudulently used a Coastal Village Region Fund fishing allocation.


Estate of Stokes v. Alaska Airlines

San Francisco, California. Wrongful death on behalf of relatives of woman killed in crash of Alaska Air Flight 261. Confidential Settlement.

Estate of Cork v. Peninsula Airways

US District Court, Alaska. Wrongful Death on behalf of survivors of man killed in plane crash. Confidential Settlement.

Kenney v. John Doe Airlines

Confidential settlement in plane crash on behalf of pilot's family. Crash was caused by cargo movement resulting from a reconfiguration of the aircraft.

Ronning & Solvik v. American Seafood, Inc.,

$1.4 million jury verdict for two seamen, one with shattered knee, one with shattered ankle. Co-counsel Rick Friedman, Bremerton, WA.

Jane Doe v. John Doe Physician and Hospital

Confidential settlement related to post-surgical death from Pulmonary Embolism.

Doe Fishery Company v. Doe Accountants

Confidential settlement in CPA malpractice case.

Chapman v. Peninsula Hospital

Confidential settlement in medical malpractice case.

State of Alaska v. Nichols

Defense of and success in obtaining a defense verdict after jury trial in prosecution of Alaska State Trooper for alleged use of excessive force.

State of Alaska v. Wadman

Defense judgment and dismissal obtained on behalf of Alaska State Trooper indicted for theft related charges

Hayes v. Clipper Seafoods

Settlement on behalf of seafood worker for brain injuries suffered on vessel mishap.

Good Taste, Inc. v. United Airlines

$1,500,000 verdict for breach of contract - $1.5 million jury verdict for airline caterer claiming breach of contract. Co-counsel Rick Friedman, Bremerton, WA.

Business Tort

Crawford v. Juhn's Inc.

Successful jury trial defense of seller of hotel against realtors seeking a commission.